how long does screenshot verifying take?

How long does it typically take for them to verify your screenshot? I know they get a lot but they must at least have a decent amount of people on these. Things would be a lot easier if more of th...
06.04.2017, 20:59

Why is my reward taking so long?

yeah I ordered 2 random 2-50 dollar steam wallet codes 2 days ago and i have not gotten them yet where as I also ordered 5 steam game codes prior and got those a day after so the best thing you can do...
06.04.2017, 17:10

Another World of Warships quest question.

For the last World of Warships quest can I use a Tier 3 ship i've already used before and one I have not used before to complete it or do both ships you use for that quest have to be ones you have ne...
04.04.2017, 23:45

when do you get the points for quests for WoW?

I registered, got my first quest, made sure to put the correct username in and I was just wondering how long it takes to get the pts after you complete a quest. I did complete a match with a tier 2 sh...
04.04.2017, 18:18