Dice wrote on game forum Skyforge
Impossible to get those quest Let me try to explain what the mod said better, basically when you register to get points from playing a game it will ask for your name IN GAME not your gamekit username it wants the username that you used for the game
Boosts and levels made it to level 15 in about 10 hours of gameplay in about 32 hours of time i ran out of boosts when i hit level 10 now i only get them from like the checkpoints. joining a clan is very helpful though I've gotten to vip 5 because of clan.
I'm kind of confused about the whole random steam CD key giveaways since their currently sold out of it under rewards lol
  • Użytkownik usunięty

    Użytkownik usunięty The give away is like a lottery. Rewards is buying it straight with points, 100% chance you get it. But it costs more.

    31.03.2017, 09:42
  • Użytkownik usunięty

    Użytkownik usunięty The give away

    31.03.2017, 09:41
  • Skylar

    Skylar You just receive the points required to buy it.

    31.03.2017, 08:09
welp i received Bastion a $15 game from the random 60 euro steam game giveaway