Vikings: War of Clans for iPhone

I've received the email, clicked on it from my phone, and reached level 12. I don't know what to do next since when I click on it again it just says send email again. Did I miss something?
30.01.2019, 18:19

I can't feed my horse

There's one quest where you have to feed the horse with hay but it just won't work, am I doing something wrong? I can't do other quests in the game without completing this one
28.01.2019, 01:23

Quest 1: Nickname is not visible

The game is not in fullscreen mode in the screenshot I linked to. It is the name that is just partially visible, but shortened. How can I show both my nickname and the finished quest in one screenshot...
21.01.2019, 18:14

Quest 1: Nickname is not visible

I completed Quest 1 and read in the forums that, when you take a screenshot, you shouldnt have your browser in fullscreen. But my name in the top right says "Ipp..." instead of "Ippyy". The screenshot...
21.01.2019, 17:13