Input USERNAME instead of CHARACTER name, screenshots not accepted @SwegSquirtle How does that make sense? Anyone can register a new account and pick the exact same character name from the given list. So, there could be someone with your exact same character name in the world. That means that your character name will never be unique, thus making it impossible to enter it on Gamekit. Since your username (used to create the account, not the character) is never displayed in-game, you won't be able to enter it on Gamekit either!
This site is no longer what it used to be... now, it is so much harder and time-consuming to get points. The rewards are still lit, though.
Quest 1 Rejected Issue resolved! The actual quest states that you have to play a battle FROM the tutorial which confuses a lot of people, including me. In reality you have to play a battle after the tutorial not before or during the tutorial. Take a screenshot of your first completed random battle against real people. I do not know if you have to win or lose, in my case I won, and the screenshot got accepted. Good luck to everyone!