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Genug Zeit für Level 25? @Loeckchen Ist aber wirklich so, ich wollte sie am Anfang nicht mehr machen doch dann habe ich es versucht und geschafft. Auf jedenfall nicht Wert für die Punkte aber was solls, das Game hat Spaß gemacht,
I can type in english/german, If you need help with a screenshot problem tell me, I know how to get over that. ;)
Pytanie usunięte I followed the quests, unlocked new buildings, and unlocked some other stuff. You get more Global Rank Points by doing all of that. To see them click on your Global Rank (top left corner of the game); click on it; a list will appear which shows your name in white; to the right of the list there will be something saying "Points"; that's your Global Rank Points. If you reach over it (for example "Reach 700 Points" and you are 734 doesn't matter, it still counts)