Quest #4 = Pay Quest There are some cases where supporting the developers would be worth investing the points into an OpenBucks card and then making the purchase that way, but this is definitely not one of them. I think that should be looked at. If a pay-for-completion quest isn't worth enough points to making investing points to complete it worth it... Then maybe it's not balanced correctly, just saying.
Nickname already taken??? If you're not very far in, I would just make a new LOA account/character and try something different. If you're not going to be very attached to your character since you're just playing it for points and will stop after you're done... Just name it something really stupid :P Kinda weird that it's taken on gamekit. Sucks. Hopefully you were really low level.
I hate to say it but... I couldn't agree more. And yes, you're being trolled. It takes HOURS to get to level 10. Probably would have to be looking at this game for 4 hrs for 4-5 days in a row to get to level 10 on the castle. It's horrific. The "gameplay" essentially consists of clicking a building, upgrade, and then "help" once you join a clan. Or a knowledge -> upgrade -> help button... Or train troops... Then you wait. And wait. And wait. Until finally ~6 mins rolls around and you can click the magic purple button that "saves you time" (this game is the biggest waste of time I've ever seen - what enjoyment is to be had from circlej*rking my base until it reaches level 10? I'm not so sure!). Most terrible game I've ever played. No story, no gameplay, just clickbait for cash. Terrible.
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Quest 4 - 6 It takes the same amount of experience to level a weapon from 1-20 regardless of the account used. Sort of failing to see how it could be unfair. Also, since he can't change the nickname, now he's totally screwed and can't do any of the missions... Seems kind of ridiculous to me. Either way, a person already put the time into the game. It takes the same amount of work or time to achieve these things, who cares WHEN the person decided to make the investment? Time = Time and Fair = Fair. It's a dumb policy.
New Server Caused Issues? MJ, I just wanted to say that I appreciate your replies. I'm not as technically savvy and don't know as much regarding route traces as you, but I decided to give up and wait it out, for sure. I also reported the issues with the moderator in question and have received verification that the issue will be dealt with - yay! Have a good one :)
New Server Caused Issues? As the previous post explains... I cleared the Cache already when I ran CCleaner. Internet explorer didn't work either. Restarted PC as well... Nothing. Guess I'll just wait for someone else to solve it as asking Gamekit to do anything results in being banned/muted in discord.
Well, StarTrek online seems okay... But for a Gamekit game that I'm going to drop right after I'm done it's pretty complicated. Just saying.