Quick tip for new players!

The screenshot checking time (for me) on this game was really good - like 3-4 hours.
18.07.2017, 01:39


Yes, if you are a console refugee - kbd & mouse is better
15.05.2017, 18:38

I hate to say it but...

Well, I managed lvl 21 and the third quest comfortably within GK's time limit. It is a lot of grinding; I left it running in the background, while playing an interesting game. now I've got my points...
17.04.2017, 17:12

where is the in game name written?

Check your profile name by clicking Menu, then Profile. Include this window on any screenshot sent, as it includes the required info for validation.
17.04.2017, 17:03

Sent photo back?

Dd you include your profile window in the screenshot? - It shows your profile name and prevents cheating. Profile window can be found under the menu button.
12.04.2017, 15:27