How do we show 5 wins? Check out the big thread with this question. There is a way to successfully do this. You need to put your game in windowed mode, go to the magic the gathering site and log into your account there. Take a screenshot of both windows on the page at the same time. this got myself, and a few others by that issue so far. I even went a step further and included my gamekit page as well. Just to cover all the basis.
5 Wins for first challenge Damn... there is a small hiccup with John's plan. I had 4/5 wins for my weekly wins... It's now reset so I basically have to get 5 wins all over again for them to count. :/ So for higher wins, you are on a serious time crunch to get them done and it'd be best to wait for the week to start over before attempting to get the wins...
5 Wins for first challenge @John: I've had my steam cards be up to 3 weeks late. I just got a refund and am saving up for a game on here now. This game would have given me the points I needed... but of course, there is no way to properly finish the first quest. (or probably any future quests) Every time I contact them about steam cards being late, they always say they are having issues with the suppliers. I don't bother with steam cards anymore because of that. (happens for every card I order, so having to contact them for each card is time consuming as it takes 3-5 days for a response)
5 Wins for first challenge I decided to make a ticket about this first quest and I think this is the quickest I've ever gotten a response to a ticket on Gamekit: Moderator today, 22:01 Hello, thank you for contacting us! I've forwarded your inquiry about this quest to my supervisors. As soon as I know anything I'll let you know! ------------------------ Fingers crossed we get an answer to this question Soon. It'd suck if everyone's time ran out before this quest could be finished properly. I'll keep an eye on that ticket and update if anything new pops up.
Why is the button goes to a site with a virus? Yea... that's a redirect link. I'm guessing you're not using an adblocker which is extremely dangerous on the internet. A lot of sites (legit and not) have malicious ads on their sites, at times without them even knowing about it as ads are targeted at each users interest. I highly suggest getting either ad block plus or ublock to block malicious ads and sketchy redirects. You will need to disable the ad blocker for this site, but outside of this site it can be left on.