C wrote on game forum MapleStory 2
leveling 101 that is what they do you have to level to the point they ask or it all for nothing been that way for 2 or 3 years I been here. sometimes they let you get away with 1 or 2 levels more but that is rare
Waited 1hour 20 minutes in game no gm help for the ticket. no way to continue quest or level so no way to finish gamekit quests. In game g's seem not to care. glad I put no money into this game
Do not log off while on a mission. If you do you will get stuck on the bridge when you come back with no way out. no way to continue any quest in your log. the gms never get back to you. All bug tickets never get answered. i waited now twice for a gm to answer ticket over 2 hours and nothing. Will wait for a 3rd hour and comment if they get back to me.
Get new game moderators.. You do know this site is in a non-English first language country right? Second, they do not ask for your name they have always asked for your in-game nickname. They have never fixed anything that has been a misunderstanding on the part of the site users. They only care if the game company pats them. We are not customers we are gamers getting paid less than 70 an hour to play most games. Good luck if you stay. This site is frustrating. just check out how many time the captcha runs out as you write a small reply. I have it pop up as timed out 6 times in just this little bit of typing.
C wrote on game forum Blade & Soul
Can I restart the offer? this site wants totality new accounts using an old account will never get you points. and they are very strict on the rules. Yet they give no picture examples they expect you to get it right the first time or wait to level after the first submission to see if you got it right when they get around to review it. I just had to submit a second lv 5 because they did not say to enter the game. the list of characters has an easier way of looking at the character level now I am level 7 so might not get points because it took them an hour to say of you screwed up even thought you followed the letter of our law. Don't hold your breath for them to let you reset and just try to do the rest of the quest.