How do we show 5 wins?

I don't think there is a mod for this game though, which is a definite problem...
10.11.2018, 03:02

5 Wins for first challenge

Well, I figured out why we haven't got a response... There is no moderator for this game.
10.11.2018, 00:42

How do we show 5 wins?

As the title implies, how do we show five wins? Do we show the weekly wins?
09.11.2018, 03:16

Account not found? please help

Hey BBkalet, fancy seeing you again! It took a little digging, but I found the link to set up a support ticket, here you go! Skorkab, not an admin
27.02.2017, 00:42

Just be patient

Gamekit does their best to keep everything running as quickly and smoothly as possible, but a lot of people are using it. Also, BBkalet, they are accepting people as mods. If you haven't already, you ...
25.02.2017, 20:40

Dont understand last level

I think what he is asking is if he needs to get two additional ships in addition to the one he used for the previous step.
04.02.2017, 03:26

World of warships

How long does it take to get points for quest?
02.02.2017, 03:34