Very Delayed Order

I ordered 1380 RP around the beginning of April. It's been a month and i haven't even gotten a friend request. It'd be appreciated if i could recieve the RP i ordered soon, thanks.
03.05.2019, 10:13

Lack of Quests recently

Hello. Recently I've gotten almost no new quests. I do have a few, but most of them are for mobiles, which i never use. I have not gotten any "real" quests so to speak for quite a while. Quite a while...
24.10.2018, 00:10

Skin has not arrived

I ordered a skin, but it has been one week since i ordered it. This is unusual, when will it arrive?
02.09.2018, 22:16

Riot Points Reward option

I think there should be Riot Points purchase options, because others including me might want RP for things such as chromas, emotes etc. Skins is great, but there should be RP rewards to let us buy oth...
21.06.2018, 04:33

with who champion was your first penta?

Aatrox or Ahri, cant remember lol
21.06.2018, 04:30

Cancelling LoL skin order

What if i've accepted it?
05.01.2018, 15:05

Cancelling LoL skin order

Can you cancel a lol skin order? i accidentaly made an order for the Super Galaxy Kindred skin, and i like Shadowfire Kindred better, but i didnt know you could order a 1350 rp skin of your choice, an...
04.01.2018, 22:50