Anybody have a full list of the tasks? So Recap: Quest 1: Level 20 Quest 2: Collect 2nd day Login, (available 35+) Quest 3: Purchase 250gp, available for 7k points, and gives 9k points. Also requires a direct email to the team, so save a screen of your receipt and the 250 on your char's acct. Quest 4: Lvl 200 (I was quite of a bit higher, due to waiting for 3, but they were awesome about it) Quest 5: Lvl 250
Alex wrote on game forum Armored Warfare
Quest 3 - Too Hard I read some of the steam comments ahead of time and I found the same thing you're talking about. It's not a very active game. Most people who play, seem to play PvE, so stick to that to grind it out