How much time for skin ?

until level 2 you should get a skin but if you are talking about a certan one then i dont know
18.01.2017, 08:22

CZ-75 or Five-Seven?

five seven has great acuraccy but not good damage but the oter weapon has better strengh but youll be likely to miss the shot
18.01.2017, 08:20

I won a giveaway, but i'm stuck?!

re enter what it tells you if it dose not work you can do it again if it dosent work you should see if you can contact the owner of the giveaway
18.01.2017, 08:19

Is it any good

no dont get it youll lose your gaming life
18.01.2017, 08:17

Pytanie usunięte

it is a really good game you could get mods play with your friends and if you got gmod you get there textures and you got gun game team death match competative just harder and you can play solo with b...
18.01.2017, 08:16