They know it isn't working

Many people have been posting in the forums about not getting their quests completed for Dekaron, myself included. The game isn't being tracked and the moderators know this. I had to send in a ticket...
17.06.2017, 08:46

PSA: This game can't be played anymore

This isn't a question, I'm just trying to get the word out to anyone wanting to do quests for this game; you can't. The beta testing period for this game is over, it was only open for a week this tim...
29.04.2017, 07:48


They accepted my screenshots of 500 prestige for the first quest (at 300) and the second quest (at 400). The problem i'm having is the third quest (600 prestige), since moving forward with the game a...
24.03.2017, 17:44

lvl 10 is hard

It's not particularly hard, you get plenty of xp from pvp games; with GGs it's around 500 per loss and 1000-1300 per victory and you only need around 6000 per level. I've just been playing enough to ...
31.01.2017, 03:14

Another Nickname

The only advice I can give is to message Gamekit support/put in a ticket about it and hope they let you change it.
08.01.2017, 06:00