Game moderators You mean gamekit isn't allowing all mods to check screenshots? That would definely explain why theres a large queue. Also Olgoth has the time limit ran out on the quest? If not you can just reubmit it before sending a ticket.
Why did I fail quest 1? I do believe this is counted as an overcompletion. However you could try to send the screenshot once more and if it doesn't get accepted sorry you must move on to the next task. If you are very unhappy about it or the task has surpassed the time scale you could send a support ticket though I'm unsure if anything will come of it.
Not accepted because... Screenshots are no longer accepted if the game is in full-screen mode, you must show the url at the top of your web browser, if you were out of full screen and the url was showing at the time the screenshot was taken try to resend it, if the quest has ran out of time you can send Gamekit a support ticket and points should be validated as soon as a moderator is available. For more information see the FAQ on screenshots at
How to get pts quickly? You must play games on various websites. When you have completed a set task such as "reach Level 10" you must take a screenshot and send to Gamekit on the game's page. Points will not be awarded if you submit a different username than you do in game or if you don't complete the task exactly (if task is level 10 you must submit a screenshot showing you as level 10, not level 9 or level 11)
leveling up There are no levels in this game, progression is measured in "Ages". Ages are awarded when a certain set of technologies are researched, once you complete a single tree you should move on to the next "Age".