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Quest Catch 22 You can use "snip screen" if you're using windows, and then put it into either photoshop/ and just lower the quality of the jpeg. As long as you don't edit the picture it should still count.
dose anyone ever really win ponts on this shyt? You must be new to the site. You have to register for the game and put in your username before it tells you what the quests are. You don't get 3200 points just for registering(3200 points is about 6-7 USD). The quests are in order- 200 points: Reach lv 3 1000 points: Reach lv 6 2000 points: Reach lv 10 And no you don't have to wait 78 hours to get the first quest, it's 78 hours for them to check the screenshot you submit(the screenshot of said level). And no, it isn't a scam. They get paid by developers to get people to play the game, you play the game(most quests take a few hours to complete), and you get points. I've gotten around 16000-ish points.