Screenshot? It's a very strange game, you have to pick something and stick with it in order to be skilled enough in that something to make any form of money in the game. To collect money early on you have to join these 'sweat' groups, where you just collect sweat off of mobs. Once you get upwards of 1000 you can sell it off and get started. Alternatively, you can just pre-charge your account with $10-$20. I highly recommend a mentor if you want to play long term.
husheddeath05 wrote on game forum
You need to be on our friendlist at least 2 weeks Give it time. Once upon a time, one used to have to wait 60+ days for a CS:GO skin, but they have improved that to less than 24 hours. Perhaps LoL skins are next?
Quest Catch 22 Resizing the image is likely the best option to use. Press Alt+PrintScreen to take a picture of ONLY the active window, in this case obvisously in game. Paste it into MSPaint and use the resize option to take it down a few notches. It should retain the original quality, but be much smaller. There is even a checkbox to retain the original aspect ratio. I roll 4k as well and this works out for me.

I am looking to become a moderator, as it appears that wait lengths for turn ins continue to increase. I've sent a few messages and replied on some posts for moderators, but haven't gotten anywhere.

I'd like to do my part to help out. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

The main reason for this is that I notice an increasing amount of time for tasks to be recognized by the site, as well as other members complaining of this. While I may not be able to reduce my own wait time, I may be able to lighten the load for the other moderators by taking some work off of their shoulders, and thus elevating all users' experience of GameKit.

I speak English only unfortunately. Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I work from home most of the time, so I am generally on at the very least 0700 - 1700 Eastern Time (GMT-5) Monday-Friday. However, I am also a gamer, so often times I will be at my computer until at least 2200 or 2300 each night, especially weekends.

During work I often have a lot of free time to devote to things other than work, and my goal would be to devote at least a couple of hours each and every day to GameKit, should I become a moderator.

Wont let me... The news article suggests that you have to play your first RANDOM battle, which unlocks at level 3. I did this, and roughly 12 hours later, Gamekit allowed me to enter my username. HOWEVER, it then told me that I created the account outside of gamekit, and wouldn't let me put it in... So I'm also trying to work that out.