A helpful guide to other players to completing the 3 quests on Forge of Empires Again its more of a mixed setup Ragna, some nodes can be easily dominated with bronze age units (swarm of lights against a bunch of range or light units) while others might be better off going with the negotiates. It takes a minimum of 4 hours just to make 5 'goods' once you can setup a goods location, but because its rate is like 2 bronze= 1 iron and 2 iron= 1 EMA and so on. You need to produce alot for iron age goods and where it helps to have multiple 'goods facilities' going at a time. But since it takes 15 mins to up to 2 hours or so per unit production you can do the same like making 2 light unit 'barracks' or 2 archer barracks to speed up 'production. It still lets you create as much as 8 to 4 units within the period a goods production is complete. Anyway i finally submitted my image yesterday so i need to just wait till i have it 'confirmed' and credited. But while im waiting i can keep an eye on my alerts if you need any more information. All in all, combine the mixes, keep to the 120% enthusiastic state, avoid temptation for immediate building replacements (thatch straight to roof tile(15 min iron age building) is a bleh choice with thatch to cottage(4 hour coin production, bout 20 less gold in 4 rounds of thatch but 2.5x more population per house) being more optimal for sanity reasons).
A helpful guide to other players to completing the 3 quests on Forge of Empires Sorry for the late response again Ragna, when it comes to combat you want to have 2 decisions. A. Make units that take advantage of type match up & Attack/defense bonuses. Heavy units get the defense in plains areas, Light units are bush/forest lovers for defense, Fast units are the only ones who will get no field stats so that what makes them trashy. But you really can't go wrong with range units, besides tier 1 long range units, Stone throwers, since they have rather garbage stats to work with. Still, 'slingers' and thar upgraded vers may lack the omni range of a 'stone thrower' but the bonus damage against heavy units and while on rocks are rather effective on mowing down enemies if done right The really good range units are once you get the tier 2 'range' units, Archers, the upgraded ver of slingers but you need to properly make a comp that can maul several enemies at once as soon as possible otherwise you'll get overwhelmed. Reason itsn ever a good idea to take the attack route against 8 man enemy territories with 3+ comps and just go negotiate instead. B. AIM FOR NO DISADVANTAGES, namely if the enemy comp is a mix of heavy and range units. Its better to instead gun for units that aren't going to have the enemy get a defense bonus against and keep your units that will have a disadvantage against the 'bulk' of the enemies to a minimum. Such as using a good old x8 bunch of range units (ARCHERs preferably) to just decimate the fast units, long as your units can basically kill half the enemies on the first or second turn before dying at all, you can likely keep repeating the process to win. Still, Light units are pretty much useful against everything except Heavy units and Range units work against everything except when they can get easily rushed down by a mob(early middle age units include barbarians which have a rather scummy ability to gain defense/attack whenever another unit with last stand dies). And of course, if your fighting units a tier above yourself, its best to get some units in that tier first or just take the negotiation route. Get 4 tier 1 goods builds and 2 tier 2 goods buildings, and your pretty much set for guild swapping supplies to negotiate rush your way thru things to an extent.
A helpful guide to other players to completing the 3 quests on Forge of Empires Actually thats a bad idea Ragna, it can require conquering territory thru negotation or combat. the Stone throwers and 'horsemen' aren't very good units, but against a heavy range group it can be rather useful to rush them down, but again, they are not very useful against anything else, beyond high move speed. I'm still around 100 or so forge points togo till i reach the baths and sped it up plenty of times thru treasure hunts and spending gold on Forge points. The goods are IMPORTANT, especially for ones you got boosted lots for, you a active guild will gladly swap goods for you which can let you rush those useful size expansions and important buildings (trying to get cottage in about 22 more FP, which is a 40~50 population increase ver. a thatch house, the better 1 hour population house in bronze age). Once you get into iron age, the population size requirements jump up alot, but going immediately for the iron age house that gives gold every 15 minutes can be not a good idea unless your going to obsess on it, which can allow you to get more gold per 'hour'. Because the efficency sucks on this game, a 4 hour goods/supply/gold production is much less then 4 instances of 1 hour production and the same for 16 instances of 15 minute production. So you need a good pacing to work yourself on the quest. Abuse the hell out of the 20 gold per 'aid' in bronze age that becomes 50 gold per 'aid' on border players, guild players and 'friends'. The more you have the more gold you can squlech every 24 hours. But once you also get into iron age you need to also amp up your supply gain because the costs for houses get into the 300~600s per house on coins and supply each (cottage 250 coin, 890 supply, provides 73 pop and 110 gold per 4 hour, VS. a thatched house thats 160 coin, 300 supply, 27 population, 32 gold per hour aka 138 per '4 hours') Ultimate difference: higher costs, but +46 pop per building and 18 gold 'less' per 4 hours. But its a necessary trade off for more useful buildings in iron age.
How to lvl up quickly? Extra note: Also if you wanted to 'level up' faster, you need to update your buildings (housings, etc.) with better quality ones so you can earn more money in between collections. Example: the third non-gem cost house you get, Chalet, gives a population of 32 and gives 80 gold every 4 hours, The 2nd one, Stilt house may give 11 gold every 15 mins, but its a pain to collect it 'every' 15 mins. I mean even if you collect every 15 mins, it would only be about 176 gold, just a little over twice the amount you get from a Chalet, which also provides 8 more population then Stilt house (allowing you to construct more supply buildings and other people required buildings). In terms of the last quest, its going to take a 'while' to reach the goal line (create a public bath), but you are given quite a few days to get the job done. Just need to dunk in alot of research points, farm lots of gold to 'buy' research points and unlock expansions to get more payout per collection on gold and supply.
How to lvl up quickly? Apparently you need to be more appropriate on your questioning, this game uses a global ranking point system based on the total value of your city, via what you have built on it, the conquering of territories and etc. etc. You need to check the global ranking to get a proper idea where your 'score' is at, then basically figure out what structure raises your score by how much (Ex: A single path bit raises it by 2 points, which is 'free' but a good space clogger if you do not set it up properly to accomodate buildings), the same includes taking the time to use research to unlock things like expanding the size of your city so you have more space to build stuff.
How to get 700 points? Building structures raises your 'global ranking' which you can check in the Global tab section at the lower left corner after clicking the appropriate button. then the global ranking button. Conquering new territories and what not also helps, but quests really just supply materials, not global ranking points unless they have you construct buildings and what not. Remember, you can actually lower your score by removing paths and buildings from your 'city', in case you over step the section.