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So there are no Moderators for this game... Yea there's no moderator for this game yet, so it means that no one will check it off (Other mods can if they go onto the game but no mod is required right now) so i'm guessing Gamekit might be doing for it for right now but I would wait to start this game. Also you by default you will be Player+eight numbers but you can change it by linking it to a kongregate account in the settings.
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Screenshot rejected I been doing just fine all my screen shots where accepted within 24hrs and there is no way to go back. You should of played it regularly (Do quest instead of raids) until you got them all checked off (lvl 5-15) then after that play raids and keep on playing the game, sorry bud.
AK-47 | Vulcan inbound! Just ordered it for 9k points (Worth 17 dollars in game) IM SO HAPPY!!! LOVE THIS SITE <3<3

Ill post a photo of it once I get it!
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    Gaming Never got it, I just canceled it and got steam gift cards instead

    29.01.2017, 19:46