Hey there! I have been notified by a moderator that I might have been giving misleading or incorrect information! Sorry, if I accidentally gave advice that was incorrect! I recommend if you need support with anything you contact any of the exceptional moderators here on Gamekit! Some of the best are Sam: https://gamekit.com/profil/119647248/
and Wataflash: https://gamekit.com/profil/102264504/

Have a great day! :)
Steam helpme Hey there! I recommend you wait a week after the maximum completion date. If you have not been given the reward, create a support ticket. To submit a support ticket visit (www.gamekit.com/faq), then click the most related issue, and click Contact is. Fill out the form with all necessary screenshots. Hope this helps! :)
Quest 1 victories Hello there! I recommend you submit the screenshot anyway because they might accept it. If they reject your screenshot contact support and tell them your problem. Go to www.gamekit.com/faq then select the most related problem. Click contact us and fill out the forum with your screenshot attached. Hope this helps! :)
ElectroArrow wrote on game forum Closers
May I know the all Quest? Hey there! Unfortunately, it's against the rules to tell you in advanced the quests! Sorry! I recommend you complete one quest at a time and wait for the screenshot to get accepted before moving on. That way, if your screenshot is rejected you can resubmit easily. Hope this helps! :)
ElectroArrow wrote on game forum Closers
Recommendation for new players doing the quests Hey there! If you submit the screenshot anyway they might accept it. They do have some flexibility and if you explain the issue on a ticket they might accept it. To submit a Support Ticket go to www.gamekit.com/faq. Find the most related problem and click Contact Us. Fill out the form with all the attachments required(Upload to imgur if attachments upload doesn't work) and submit. Hope this helps!
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Not completing my 2nd quest Hey there! Check to make sure your username is showing in the screenshot. For specific information why they rejected your screenshot, you can check your notifications or email saying your screenshot was rejected. Hope this helps! :)
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Exp not working? Hey there, You should have received xp upon completion of the quest, check the xp bar at the top of your screen to see any change. If you are sure you haven’t received it then contact support at www.gamekit.com/faq/ select your problem and click contact us to create a new ticket! Hope this helps! :)
First Quest Hey there, Entropia Universe is a little complicated so stay with me here. The tutorial is the part where it seems like you are on a ship. They tell you how stuff works and things about the game. After you go through the cave, the tutorial ends. The first character you meet is Yoshida which start the next challenge chain. Yoshida is inside the first gated area you encountered. It's been a while since I played the game but you may have gone too far. I'm not sure how I can help you but you can contact a moderator on the Gamekit Discord(https://discord.gg/F2ksHZB) and they may know more. Have a great day! :)
does't work for steam user name Hey there, I can give you a better answer if you rephrase your question but I have some solutions that may work for you. War Thunder is available on steam but you need to use the download link that gamekit provides after registering for the game. If you are having issues with steam, I recommend contacting steam support. If you are wondering what username to provide to Gamekit, use the one you can see in game when you send screenshots. Hope this helps! Feel free to clarify your question so I can help give you a better response! :)
Hey there folks! I have some extra time right now, and am helping people a little bit. I hope you all have a great time earning points! Have a great day! :)