Tip 27: What I believe to be the most efficient way of gaining points. Note: You can gain passive pts in the background while gaining other active pts.
For active pts:
1. Games that are worth 500 pts or more
2. Offerwalls: Surveys
3. Rating Photos (which might be better than surveys at some points)
For Passive (in the background or other tab) Pts:
1. Watching trailers
For semi-passive/semi-active pts:
1. Offerwalls: videos
Tip 26: This is an update on the efficiency of getting pts by rating photos. It seems to be going through multiple changes as of recently. In my opinion, it is currently a lot more worth your active time. Instead of it being 5 pts per 100 photo ratings (with bot checks, every 10 photos) to 15 pts per 20 photos (with only bot checks every 20 photos (aka - after every time you get pts)). It may continue to go through more changes, but right now it is definitely harder to tell what might be your best choice of active time to gain points. If you need just 100 more points, rating photos is the way to go I believe. In the next tip I'll list what I feel is current efficiency chart.
I'm a little tired of just writing tips, I hope you find them helpful, I will probably write more later, so feel free to check back and have a wonderful day!
Tip 25: I found something on the FAQ that you might really like to know. Pts expire in one year. I believe it means 1 year from earning them, however, I am currently trying to find out if it might be referring to just ending at the end of each year. Keep this in mind when you are saving up pts for prizes and I'll update you when I know for certain.
Tip 24: Games like Omega Zodiac may be very boring for some people, but are also very easy and if you just press the story button on the right, you can get each quest under 5 minutes each. (Of course waiting for screenshots to be accepted in-between which will last longer). Those types of games are very cost effective.
Tip 23: You probably know this by now (if you have this), but ad blockers don't work on this website. How else do you think they get the profit for the prizes you end up claiming? I remember hearing that there are apps that block the things that detect ad blockers, but don't you think you can at least pay for the rewards by giving these guys profit by keeping ads on on this website?
Tip 22: You get points for inviting your friends, you can look up the details about it because I am unaware of how it works, but it looks like a good source of points. If you are thinking about just inviting your other fake emails, do it at your own risk because I am aware of certain technologies that may be able to figure out it is you, but I have no way of telling if this website has implemented it. Nor do I know if they punish people who do attempt these methods.
Tip 21: Rating pictures takes a big chunk of your time for the points you receive. If it is the same for everyone as it was for me, just go through it the first time for 10 pts. Every next attempt for me was 4 pts. (Again, recommend games or surveys for faster points.)
Tip 20: You may think it weird that I post so many tips on my wall, but there is a non-pts quest for it. I am a bit of a completionist, but in the same time I don't want my posts to be completely pointless. So if you are interested, you can do something like this too, but I'd recommend trying to put in your own flavor or touch so it isn't plagiarism even though you won't get punished here for it (nor on many other social media in this day and age) anyway.
Tip 19: You can cancel your giveaway offer only before all the spots for the giveaway are filled.
Tip 18: For a better understanding why I said Giveaways are not the most cost efficient choice for your points, here is another point. Giveaways wait till a certain amount of tickets for the giveaway are bought, than it is selected who will win right after. (so you can't just wait a certain amount of days hoping the giveaway will be between you or a few other people). In addition, you can buy more tickets, but buying all the tickets is more expensive than just buying the product for points right away.
Tip 17: Checking the FAQ, I recommend sending a ticket to the support guys on this website for further information. I am currently unable to judge how well they do their work because I haven't used it yet.
Tip 16: I believe all games require you to give your email. If you really don't like the game and think it will give you spam, just make another email for spam and use that email for that game. Just make sure you have the password and other info for that email written down so you can access it for any email checks that you might have to validate.
Tip 15: Most of the high point giving games require a download. But not all. So don't feel like there is nothing for you here if you are against downloading any of the games here.
Tip 14: If you are wondering how some things work and my tips haven't helped, try the "Help" link on the bottom of any page on this website. It will take you to this faq. https://gamekit.com/faq/
I will probably check it later for other opportunities that I am currently not aware of and share it with you.
Tip 13: There are other one time only quests to do around the website, some seem to not work for me, others only offer experience, but there are some that give points and work that I think you can do if you get bored of playing games all the time. (Or you can do those surveys I mentioned in an earlier tip).
Tip 12: For those of you who have trouble balancing things in their lives, do what you need to do in your life first. There are always more opportunities on this website that can wait. :)
Tip 11: From my experience, the quests single quests that give some points are more difficult than what it is worth and I had some problems with gamekit detecting that I actually completed the 40 pts game. Maybe this will be fixed in the future, but either way, I don't think it is worth the effort.
Tip 10: If you already have an account on one of the quest games. Make a new account just for this website. Your other account won't work because it needs to be a brand new account and your old account possibly is over the requirement for all the quests. You can play on your old account afterwards anyway.
Tip 9: Make sure to note lose info about the account you make for the quests. It is highly username dependent and there is no way (that I currently know of) to just start anew on a different account with a different username.