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Shise wrote on game forum War Thunder
Quest 3 is lit Ok So i will Be blunt.... Stop complaining... they are giving you basically 60$ worth of points just look at the rewards.. lol it by passes the highest thing by 5k points... @TuX ... thats horrible lol but double.
Shise wrote on game forum Roblox
What EXACT Badges are required You need to provide an exact screenshot as the quest tells you to do. If you have more then new account, however you may need to contact Support and see if they will let you submit it with the new nickname... ( if you can create a account with the same nickname you entered on Gamekit's Quest then It will be fine and you wont need to contact support. )
Shise wrote on game forum Crossout
Screenshot not accepted b/c expired? I recommend that you do 2 things. take a picture of it showing that you have 5 hours left to submit the picture ( you know the actual screen where you drag the picture into ). Clear Cashe/Cookies ( if you don't want to do that then open a new browser, login and check to see if the message is the same. if yes then Please go ahead and Contact Customer Support. )
Shise wrote on game forum Smite
smite No you cannot buy any enhancement items for god other than cosmetics. ( think of league of legends but without the rune BS )