$2-50€ Steam Giftcard order

the orders have been coming late recently because of the high demand for giftcards :\ so that's why it probably still hasn't come yet. you can follow what the other guy said :)
23.06.2018, 22:52

Really how

If the screenshot is valid you'll still get the points!
21.06.2018, 03:48

Game no longer around??

It's just a glitch. we are working to fix it. thanks for reporting it though. :)
21.06.2018, 03:47

Quest Rejection

What was the reason that was left when it got denied?
12.06.2018, 01:08

The Nickname was present!

haha it shouldn't take more than 72 hours to get checked, we can't choose to check your screenshot first, so please wait a little longer. :)
12.06.2018, 01:07