5 Wins for first challenge

There is no official means of tracking your statistics in-game, although those who are interested may find the MTGArena Tool useful ( It provides a wealth of information from ma...
10.11.2018, 14:26

A Guide to Screenshots with the UI

@Squeezed Orange: Unfortunately, on my computer, that method merely produces a black screen. It may be a driver issue or a result of running the game on an older-model computer, whereas the command is...
19.10.2017, 05:44

A Guide to Screenshots with the UI

As some players are likely unaware, Neverwinter has a long and storied history when it comes to allowing screenshots; it can be a rather onerous process as the industry-standard "PrintScreen" method d...
18.10.2017, 16:00

hello my name is jow

Assuming you are playing the game with a standard mouse-and-keyboard setup, the simplest option is as follows... 1) Press the "PrintScreen" button (often shortened to "PrtScrn" or "PrtScr" dependin...
29.09.2017, 14:31

3 quest im stuck

Oil is generated automatically in your Oil Refinery (the large structure adjacent to the coast, just north of the dockyard; it is an inherent part of your base and does not require construction). Oil ...
29.09.2017, 14:17

where is my nickname?

To anyone else who may be troubled with locating their username/nickname: it is located in the lower left-hand corner of the screen on the main hub of the game. You will also see it highlighted in the...
02.08.2017, 17:12

Website Isnt Tracking

I, too, am not receiving credit via the automated tracking. The first quest, to reach level 5, was completed on my account four days ago.
11.06.2017, 08:17

Prestige points

One might hope that the moderators would exercise their knowledge of the game to dictate whether or not any actual "cheating" had been done... A) you cannot delete a character from Skyforge, nor ar...
26.03.2017, 05:04

A question About currency

It is automatically converted to your regional currency, using the latest exchange rate accessible by the PST server. As such, redeeming a €10 (ten Euro) Steam giftcard at present will add $11 (eleven...
28.01.2017, 21:18

Gamekit come on?

80 hours, mate. There is a waiting time of 80 hours, that begins from the moment your screenshot is submitted, to when it will be seen and either accepted or rejected. Be patient, please. Also, if...
28.01.2017, 01:41