15,600 points formerly equated to three 10€ Steam gift cards or $33.40 USD.
Up until a month ago, it was two $10 and one $5 Steam gifts cards or $25.00 USD.
...with points left over.

Now it earns you $10 USD.
I'm giving this site one more month, then it's time to bid farewell to what was once a genuine bastion among the gaming-rewards community.

Struck down, like so many before them, by an inconsolable sense of greed.
Let's not kid ourselves, they make more on referrals and ad-revenue than they pay out in "prizes," particularly with the amount of users who contribute to the inane lottery-esque gambling prize system rather than purchasing something outright.

Still, there's been no increase in the amount of points you earn from playing games. No marked increase in offers, either. Yet, they demand thrice as many points for less reward.
So here it is in brief.
Up until a year ago you could order a $10 Euro giftcard for Steam for 5699 points.
You could order as many as you had points to support the purchase of, which often led me to snag five or six just prior to a major sale.

Then they limited it to one giftcard every 30 days.

Then they changed vendors. No more Euros, only USD.

Then they changed the price. 5199 for $10 USD seemed fair.
15,600 for $10 is absolute extortion.
5 Wins for first challenge There is no official means of tracking your statistics in-game, although those who are interested may find the MTGArena Tool useful (https://mtgatool.com/). It provides a wealth of information from match and individual-deck breakdowns, to pointers on deck-building given what's popular in the meta. That much aside, I found the only means of displaying both username and win-count in a single, non-stitched image (as those tend to be rejected given that they've been edited) by opening the game in Windowed mode and a browser to my profile on the official website... https://imgur.com/a/8fNvVzS ...it's a tad awkward, but I have no reason to believe it merits rejection. Should it be accepted, I'll post back so others can follow suit. For now, I wish you all the best. Enjoy the game!
Seems a little purge took place, at some mysterious point and for an equally arcane reason, as a significant portion of my posts have vanished into the aether. Gone are my assorted bits of advice for various games, so too my posts regarding the lore of select titles and hints on how to complete certain quests. Most annoyingly, the initial post I created on this very profile page was also deleted: a post I annually updated with a little tally of the new friends I'd made at GameKit. So much for the memories...

I did pen a thread about this sort of behavior at one point in time and the reasons it strikes such a sour chord with the community.

Ironically, that too was deleted.
A Guide to Screenshots with the UI @Squeezed Orange: Unfortunately, on my computer, that method merely produces a black screen. It may be a driver issue or a result of running the game on an older-model computer, whereas the command is guaranteed to produce the desired image. Also, as Scott noted, that method tends to removes the UI which negates the point of taking anything other than glamour shots. ...it is also worth considering that, while now an industry standard addition, several keyboards (custom built and those that opt for function keys instead) do not come equipped with a "Windows" ("Command" on Mac) key. @jbdragonlance: That is an option, as are a wealth of other (free) alternatives, such as ShareX, Greenshot, ScreenCaptor... etc. Even Steam, via the overlay if launching Neverwinter from such, can capture decent screenshots. I specifically mentioned, however, that this method is intended for those who would prefer to avoid installing third-party programs and capture directly from the game.
hello my name is jow Assuming you are playing the game with a standard mouse-and-keyboard setup, the simplest option is as follows... 1) Press the "PrintScreen" button (often shortened to "PrtScrn" or "PrtScr" depending on your keyboard manufacturer) while the game is displayed in the browser. 2) Open an image-editor of your choice (MSPaint/Paint for Windows, Paintbrush/MACPaint for Macintosh users by default, though any will suffice). Paste the image either via the appropriate menu command (typically "Edit" and then "Paste") or via the CTRL+V keyboard shortcut. 3) Save the image as a JPG/JPEG and submit. ...if you are on a Windows OS you may employ the "Snipping Tool" that is available on all Windows 7+ systems to perform the same task with a simple click-and-drag interface; access it with a search for "Snipping" from your start menu. There also exists a plethora of software alternatives for capturing screenshots such as FRAPS, SnagIt, Lightshot, ShareX and so forth.
3 quest im stuck Oil is generated automatically in your Oil Refinery (the large structure adjacent to the coast, just north of the dockyard; it is an inherent part of your base and does not require construction). Oil is produced in lots of 200 per level of the Oil Refinery. In other words: if you own a level one Oil Refinery, every 10 minutes you will receive 200 Oil. Upgrade it to, say, level 20 and you will receive 4,000 Oil every 10 minutes instead. Given that you start the game with several million dollars and some premium currency, as well, it should be simple enough to upgrade the Oil Refinery to such a level that it will demand no more than half an hour or so to reliably produce 20,000 Oil. Enjoy the game and best of luck... ---------------------------------------- Postscript: I wouldn't recommend exploiting the system, nor so indiscriminately employing your diamonds, in this fashion if you intend to continue playing the game after competing the GameKit quests. Upgrading your Refinery will increase your "points" ranking and ultimately remove your newbie protection, allowing other players to attack you and thus leech your resources.
Orion wrote on game forum Warface
where is my nickname? To anyone else who may be troubled with locating their username/nickname: it is located in the lower left-hand corner of the screen on the main hub of the game. You will also see it highlighted in the matchmaking and scoreboard displays, surrounded by light-orange lines. By default, new registrants are assigned an alphanumeric code beginning with "u_XXX" when playing Warface via the My.com portal. For example, my username was "u_41552029911." This may be changed to a custom tag by visiting the My.com portal, signing into your My.com account, transitioning to their Warface site and clicking the "Change Username" option in the upper-right near your presently assigned name. Hope this helps, enjoy the game and best of luck...
That's what you call bad luck...

After purchasing the gifts I desired, I tried my luck with the "Random (2$ - 50€) Steam GIFT CARD" and received, as you may have guessed, a $2 code. Live and learn, I suppose, as this will be the last time I ever attempt that gamble again. Talk about a waste of 3k points.
  • Orion

    Orion Lest anyone should ask, merely saving up another two-thousand points or so would have guaranteed me at least $10 worth of Steam currency via the appropriate giftcard option. Logically, therefore, my 3k should have been worth at least $5 and thus: a waste.

    16.06.2017, 00:10
Astonishingly, I was randomly selected as a winner for one of the series of Steam-key raffles presently being held. My prize was "Eventide: Slavic Fable," admittedly not a title I'd heard of, but one that piqued my curiosity to some extent as it promises to delve into genuine Slavic myths; for a folklore buff, such as myself, that seems rather intriguing.

Should anyone be interested, the appid on Steam is: 406870
I would post a direct link but those tend to cause issues.

Also, I would encourage anyone capable (which should be, well, everyone) to join the raffles, listed as "Promotional" in the "Redeem PTS" area of the site. It's scant risk at the cost of a mere 5 points, what you earn daily by merely visiting GameKit, when a single fortunate guess could earn you something amazing.
Thank you, GameKit, and best of luck to you all...
  • Iron Wario 25.04.2017, 20:23
  • Zynny

    Zynny Thank you for the tip Orion. This actually gives me a reason to visit Gamekit daily now that I completed all the game quests. available :)

    14.03.2017, 04:11
A question About currency It is automatically converted to your regional currency, using the latest exchange rate accessible by the PST server. As such, redeeming a €10 (ten Euro) Steam giftcard at present will add $11 (eleven US dollars) to your account.
Orion wrote on game forum Bleach Online
Gamekit come on? 80 hours, mate. There is a waiting time of 80 hours, that begins from the moment your screenshot is submitted, to when it will be seen and either accepted or rejected. Be patient, please. Also, if you'd like to continue playing the game: create an alt character and do so with them, as such your progress on the GK-quest character will remain intact and unaffected. Best of luck...
How long do rewards take to pay out I've redeemed ten orders through the GameKit rewards store and each typically demands between one-to-two weeks to complete. By way of example, here are the timestamps from my last transaction... Date of order: 28.12.2016, 14:59 Date of order completion: 11:45 08-01-2017 ...I don't know why they're formatted differently, that's simply how they appear. In any case, the item type itself often affects the time as keys may be delivered more promptly than, say, giftcards. Be patient, play more games and best of luck...
Rewarded Points Early - Quest 3 @sam.primo99 No, as noted in my initial post you can complete this quest with the Tier 3 ship used in quest 2 and any other Tier 3. In other words, simply unlock ONE new Tier 3 ship from any country and you're done. I created this thread as I was under the impression something must have gone awry when the quest was coded, as it's clearly counting the Tier 3 from quest 2 in the completion criteria making it eminently easier than its predecessor.
Happy New Year's Eve to all the members, staff and assorted guests of GameKit, along with the wider gaming community at large! I wish you all the very best of luck in the forthcoming year.

May your resolutions remain steadfast, your goals be met and your lives filled with all the love, laughter and merriment you so richly deserve...
  • Orion

    Orion ...now, if only GameKit added more games and quests. That would be a wonderful way to start the year.

    04.01.2017, 18:18
Orion wrote on game forum Naruto Online
how long does it take? Screenshots are typically seen, and accepted or rejected depending strictly on whether they comply with the quest criteria, within 80 hours. As you'll note, a counter indicating as much begins from the moment your screenshot is successfully uploaded. Please, remain patient as most of the moderation staff are unpaid volunteers. That much aside, enjoy the games and best of luck...