WTF why didn't my 2nd quest work?

Why didn't my 2nd quest work i played on a tier 3 ship last night then logged off and when i come home it tells me that i didn't play on the ship and the game has recs to show that i was playing on a ...
12.11.2016, 00:15

quest points

Ok for each quest you need to finish ok. so if a quest yes get to LVL 3 you do it. then you get on the site. Go the earn points tab. Find the quest tab the put the screenshot in the left box. wait til...
26.10.2016, 03:02

Quests need restructured or changed

First quest is make it to level 3 ok. i play 3-5 matches to get to level 2. ok then i play 3-4 more to get 3/4 of the way to LVL 3. ok. then i play one game today and i jump from LVL 2 3/4 to LVL 4 1/...
24.10.2016, 04:28