dzrealkiller wrote on game forum
Gamekit Rewards over date and not being delivered I use GameKit a LOT and have ALWAYS received my orders but I have ordered steam credit 2$-50$ and have been waiting a while its 18 days past its maximum date. It cant be easy for them receiving so many orders every day. I believe this is the first issue I've had with game kit and I have ordered a lot of stuff. Its 100% not a scam site it just takes a while some times due to supplier issues and the mass amount of orders.
URGENT MOD PLEASE HELP! I wouldnt have called this Urgent... You made it sound like Gamekits server for the website was on fire or something... Also calling out Staff for shit like this is what slows everybody else down as staff need to take time to reply to stupidity.
level 5 screenshot declined I sent in my level from the top left next to my name and got declined... They should really show people an example screenshot on each game so people know what they are supposed to capture, For me I gave up on this game and just deleted it as 2 screenshots have been declined now even after clearly showing my level. Also has any of you even won anything from this site yet?
Whats on my mind? Stress lol Arma3 Exile servers on a map called M.S.K.E Is a nightmare to get working... I just spend a whole 4 days getting it to work... so yeah... STRESS is on my mind lol :D But then I found this website "GameKit" and god I love it, Its fun to play games that you need to complete goals! This site Is a great Idea!