PSA: regarding Points in World of tanks/Warship You cant complete the first quest now if you fail to do this step's in this topic. You will be stuck with no point given like many of us aka suck at a limbo without gaining any points and pass to the next quest. There only 2 ways of fixing this: 1 - Wait that GameKit can resolve this issue by let us take screenshots(or other solution) 2- Create another account and do it all from the beginning(including the other games if you earn the points already) that sucks but is one way. Not for me, just for 15 points for WOW and 120 for WOT, creating a new account at this level is a waste of time. I will wait for more games to come!
Pedro wrote on game forum World of Tanks
Pytanie usunięte something doesn't fit right.. I regist trough gamekit after i create an account because if you put your nick name before creating the account they will not accept because doesn't exist( right) So why after i create and then register here they let's pass to the first quest? they now that the nick exist in game so..whats the point of playing a 1 battle? No we stuck at a limbo and we can't earn any points...nice