Graves jungle :D my new favourite :D
  • Lois

    Lois hey why dose it take so long for it to check my screenshot

    04.12.2017, 00:06
  • ToxicTomatoz

    ToxicTomatoz Hi! , I was Wondering...... Since I Finished the first Quest for Warthunder when will I receive my points?

    14.09.2017, 02:07
  • Cody

    Cody i Have completed the first quest for war thunder when do i receive the reward

    30.07.2017, 01:18
  • Edgar

    Edgar nice

    04.01.2017, 14:24
  • dexterqs5

    dexterqs5 Same here! Wonder how long it takes to receive the points (Want to play again because it is actually fun XD But can't because I am worried it will effect whether or not I get the points)

    15.12.2016, 00:04
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Kolumban wrote on game forum
Frann Lobos Hi, Akalai now after the patch will be more stronger, she is a AP carry, so you should have a lot of dmg, usualy you go with her to mid. Nasus is a toplaner AD based champion, and doesnt fit in the actualy meta, because he is a late game champ, so he need more time. Because of this i think akali will be a better chooice :D Gl, HF :D
Kolumban wrote on game forum
Counts or not ? Right now, you cant do quest in LOL to earn PTS, anyway, if you complete another quests, you can earn enough PTS to buy RP in the store :)
Kolumban wrote on game forum
Rengar vs khazix, who is better jungler? I think after the Rengar Bola and Ult nerf, he is more harder to play than Khazix, So if you play Khazix, you have less chance to make mistakes, so maybe its better to play. But anyway i think Rengar is stronger :)
Kolumban wrote on game forum
Best ADC? (me Tristana) My main is the support role, and for the best ADC i would say Lucian. He has a really nice dmg, enough mobile, good synergy with almost all team comps and support champs. He fits really well in the new ADC meta. :)