muito bom esse jogo I'm not the best at speaking Portuguese but a little fluent. Give me a break lol.. Se voce realmente nao tiver uma pergunta, nao publique na guia de perguntas, em vez disso, na discussao. Obrigado! If your wondering me and some friends tried to learn a new language over break so.. lmao
Zokyo wrote on game forum Ace Online
Newbie Tipps searched I've been playing Ace Online for a while, it's pretty fun and relives stress. If you've ever played ''War Thunder'' it's really similar to that. Aim at the directed area which you see where to in the tutorial which what I did was replay it multiple times to learn how to fire at someone before going into multiplayer. The only thing there really is to do is grind for levels and XP throughout the game. Hope I helped some of you guys! -Cayden