Gamekit Quest I've now seen that the quest for Blade & Soul has disappeared yet again. Did I run out of time? Not from what I'd seen last. On all my quests I had about 10 days to complete the leveling. It was within a good window, so I dared to feel comfortable. If anything, I'm beginning to think that I triggered some kind of anti-cheat system. But there's absolutely no reason to cheat to level fast with any NCSoft game (makers of Blade & Soul). I leveled quickly because I know that in most Fantasy MMORPGs, if you just follow the main quest as a new character -- easy leveling. There's absolutely no excuse for the quest to have disappeared, because I leveled quickly enough to reach the next quest. If anything, I feel as if Game Kit is unhappy with me making such regular progress. It's been 4 days. I hardly call that quick. I've heard of players hitting max level in games like Blade & Soul in a week, so I'm actually taking a slower pace.