Website Isnt Tracking I just had a moderator respond to my ticket. to the person who said they arent robots. That's fine and well. but when Mods don't understand the ticket problem and respond with a COPY AND PASTED Reply that i've got from them before is Beyond FRUSTRATING... William two days ago, 03:16 Been waiting over 24 hours for my Quest to be completed for Dekaron. Its supposed to be automatically tracked. I am enjoying the game but I do not want to over level. please help Moderator yesterday, 09:02 Hi :) I am sorry but I cannot accept this screenshot. Gamekit clearly inform you about our screenshot rules before you start to play a game and complete quests, therefore I cannot help you with this offer :( William today, 03:40 What are you talking about.....????????? IT SAYS THE WEBSITE AUTOMATICALLY TRACKS IT NO SCREENSHOTS ARE REQUIRED I have a screenshot at level 5. But i can't upload it! ITS SUPPOSED TO BE >> AUTOMATICALLY << Tracked