what up bro
  • Ku`ulei 10.04.2017, 06:42
  • Patrick

    Patrick I'm not sure, to be honest.

    06.02.2017, 16:05
  • Dustin_Bohuslavschi

    Dustin_Bohuslavschi Hi Patrick, I'm looking to become a moderator but I can't seem to find out how. Can you help?

    25.01.2017, 18:25
  • nathanrobson20 25.12.2016, 04:48
  • Mert

    Mert n'aber

    23.12.2016, 03:08
  • Red the

    Red the uh, hey, since your a moderator for the SAO game, could you check my quest? thank you.

    18.12.2016, 20:35
  • Patrick

    Patrick Also this is not a scam, I have redeemed an AWP | Hyper Beast and an AK-47 | Aquamarine Revenge.

    18.12.2016, 19:15
  • Patrick

    Patrick Contact Gamekit support if you need help.

    18.12.2016, 19:15
  • Patrick

    Patrick I can't check screens, sorry.

    18.12.2016, 19:15
  • Beep Boop

    Beep Boop Please Accept My Rift It Has Been 48 hours

    17.12.2016, 21:10
  • Kyller69

    Kyller69 2 big problems! First when I try to enter my nickname for world of warship, it denies me with a Russian message!!! Secondly, I have won the battlefield 1 raffle, and now battlefield 1 is out of stock, and you still having new battelfield 1 giveaway.... this is ridiculous! It's wrong advertisement! I could get a lot of people on this site, but as of now, still looks like a scam to me, and as of yet, no one answered my ticket which is not really professional! I'm unimpressed to say the least!

    17.12.2016, 10:47
  • Ashley

    Ashley patrick when will my screen shot be done?

    17.12.2016, 10:16
  • Tiago 16.12.2016, 02:10
  • manohar_king123 13.12.2016, 21:17
  • Patrick

    Patrick Not usually, but it can take up to a day.

    11.12.2016, 12:26
  • jgallegos1031

    jgallegos1031 does verifying the screenshot take a lot of time?

    11.12.2016, 03:37
  • Patrick 07.12.2016, 01:58