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  • Suicide0331

    Suicide0331 Play Games for Getting Points ;) Transfering points from Member to Member is NOT Possible. Sorry... Start with Games, where U Get High Points & XP. Like LOA3, Magic The Gathering, Guild Wars. Its Really Easy... Doesnt matter if U Like the Games or not. Play Just for the Points & XP. When U Have All Quests Completed, or U Will Not Play Anymore, so U Can Stop Playing the Games & Play an Other Game. Or delete Games Account (Not Gamekit). When U Already Have an Account for any Game, it Doesnt Matter. U dont Must Create a New. U Can Start A Task & Just Enter your Nickname from the Game. Thats Enough. I Play the Most Games here Just for The Points & XP. When I´m Finish, I Dont play the Most Games Anymore!!

    23.03.2019, 18:07
  • Robert

    Robert can i have points please for a game?????

    23.03.2019, 17:55
  • Kamillee 22.03.2019, 03:42
  • Coleson 21.03.2019, 23:23
  • Suicide0331

    Suicide0331 Cool. I´m lvl 92 on LOA3..... I Must Wait till I Can Play Crossout. My Laptop is to Low, and My PC has a Defekt Power Adapter. Must Buy a New. Then I Can Play High Graphic PC Games too Earn More Points. But Till then, I Must Play the Low Browser-Games or Android Games.... At The Moment I Play 5 Games

    12.03.2019, 12:45
  • M.Nurullah

    M.Nurullah Thanks a lot i completed loa3 100 level mission now. I will finish crossout missin if i can.

    12.03.2019, 10:06
  • Suicide0331

    Suicide0331 On What Quest U Are on loa3? U Can Get Fast XP when U Play so many Games here, How U Can. Begin with the Lowest/Easiest Games, where U Can Complete all Quests Fast Like HeroZero, Crossout or so. It doesnt Matter if Like the Games or Not. Just Play till U have Complted the Quests & after that U Can Delete the Accounts in the Games, that U will not Play anymore or Whatever. For Complete the Quests by loa3 U need a littlebit Longer Time, when u Not Play everyday. But U Have The Time! Like Me, I Have now the Quest to Gain lvl 100 in loa3. I Have over 33 Days Time for That. Thats easy & I Play NOT Everyday. Short & Easy: Play all Games that U Can. When U Have completed a Quest & it Is at Proofing by Admins, Meanwhile play Other games & make there Quests too.

    04.03.2019, 20:30
  • M.Nurullah

    M.Nurullah How can i gain xp fastly i won giveaways but i cant levelling up. I complated loa3 mission and still lv6

    04.03.2019, 18:23