Astonishingly, I was randomly selected as a winner for one of the series of Steam-key raffles presently being held. My prize was "Eventide: Slavic Fable," admittedly not a title I'd heard of, but one that piqued my curiosity to some extent as it promises to delve into genuine Slavic myths; for a folklore buff, such as myself, that seems rather intriguing.

Should anyone be interested, the appid on Steam is: 406870
I would post a direct link but those tend to cause issues.

Also, I would encourage anyone capable (which should be, well, everyone) to join the raffles, listed as "Promotional" in the "Redeem PTS" area of the site. It's scant risk at the cost of a mere 5 points, what you earn daily by merely visiting GameKit, when a single fortunate guess could earn you something amazing.
Thank you, GameKit, and best of luck to you all...
  • Iron Wario 25.04.2017, 20:23
  • Zynny

    Zynny Thank you for the tip Orion. This actually gives me a reason to visit Gamekit daily now that I completed all the game quests. available :)

    14.03.2017, 04:11