Final Quest. Hi! i haved posted email and pictures and wrote a e mail with proof of buy in game and buy with points here 900 and picture and i have done every thing i can come up with to get u this proof and i stil havent get any reward for last quest and i have played 22h of this game to get to this point where i completed every quest on throne. even the pay quest.. so pls let me know if u need the proof again or why aint the reward comming over 2 weeks ago i completed it and both email and here on all things needed and more acually and i wrote on your wall sweqSQuirtle u always answared and helpt me before but i cant see any replys from u this 2 -3 times i have wroted. also sent 2 emails to gamekit and reply to some gamekit adress to ... pls just let me know how to do ... it says , No screenshot of proof needed just buy ingame... wich i did... and still sendt proof cuz... well i have understand its always better to do more than less... and this quest... i want to have cuz i really spent time and money on it. and i completed it so.. i post agan its for the best time of quest soon ends and i dont want to get a reply that says sorry quest time over u didnt make it in time... cuz i was in time and for allmost 3 weeks ago so pls dont give me somthging that on this game .. i took it on 2 other games even when i reallyt didnt understand why i coukldnt have any quest rewards on game of thrones even when i completed them, all.,.. juust tpo good... well :) thats about all i can whine and be a boring complaining dude.. so here are the proof :D Love Ya