AI writing has become a popular choice for content writers to help them complete large quantities of writing projects in a fraction of the time. It also helps them save money by reducing the cost of hiring writers.

While there are many benefits to using AI for content creation, there are some drawbacks as well. Here are a few pros and cons to consider before you decide to use AI-generated content on your company’s website.

AI writing is the process of generating content using artificial intelligence like It helps save time and money for businesses while delivering quality results. It can be used to create blog posts, social media content, e-books, FAQs and more.

One of the most appealing aspects of AI writing is its ability to generate cost-efficient draft articles in a matter of minutes. However, it's important to remember that human creativity is needed in order to make AI-generated content engaging and relevant.

Despite the many pros of AI writing tools, they do have some cons. First, these tools aren’t perfect and they can make mistakes in grammar or composition.

Additionally, they may not be able to write well enough to convey the tone of your brand’s voice. This means that you should use these tools as a supplemental tool and not replace your human writers altogether.

Another con is that these tools may not be able to meet Google’s guidelines on E-A-T criteria (expertise, authority, and trustworthiness). These guidelines are designed to help search engines understand content in terms of what the reader is looking for.

As a result, using AI-generated content isn’t recommended if you want to meet these guidelines and rank highly on search engine results pages (SERPs). Instead, you should employ human writers for your next article.