How do I complete 1st quest The world map doesn't show your NICKname, it shows your LORD name. The quest requirments were poorly written. In the game you have a LORD name and an ALIAS name. Which sounds more like a NICKname? And your LORD name and ALIAS name can't be the same! So now I have to spend 1000 gems to change them both since I already submitted my NICK name as my ALIAS name! The people crafting these quests need to pay more attention and get it right! And after that I hear that you need to BUY in-game items in order to finish the 4th & 5th quests? Someone says to just buy "openbucks" for a $10 card to complete the last two. So you'd have to spend real money to get about an equal return on investment that could take up to 60 days to be delivered. And if you use the VISA card to PayPal yourself a cut of the money gets taken from processing fees. Is the 2000exp really worth it? I don't think so.