LOA 3 last quest Nevermind, I just received my points and xp. I have another question though. How long does it take for new quests to appear? I completed LOA 3 and Metin 2 quests and I'll I have left are quests for Warthunder, Lords Mobile( which I can't complete, because I don't have an iPhone) and an offer for a program,Linguotica, that teaches you new languages, but it requires me to fill in a credit card number, which sound shady to me. It says that it's a free trial, but what kind of a normal free trial asks you the credit card beforehand. This is what says on their site: "t's for verification purposes. When you sign up for the free trial, Linguotica may charge and refund one or more variable amounts (up to $1) to your account, in order to verify the card is valid, and that you are the authorised and legitimate cardholder. These amounts will appear on your card statement along with the corresponding refunds.''