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Oof there's this game that you have to reach level 23 in, and it takes soooooooooooooooo long, i've been playing for so many hours already and I'm only level 17...
  • eEmillerz

    eEmillerz One level from level 15+ takes around 1-2 hours to achieve :(

    29.03.2019, 11:38
  • eEmillerz

    eEmillerz I'm so far in that i'm gonna regret it if I stop...

    29.03.2019, 11:28
  • eEmillerz

    eEmillerz I don't recommend starting on "Lucky Cat Paradise iPhone" it doesn't pay out good either. Hours of play for only 1000 pts and 550 exp. 1000 pts is only like €1,5.

    29.03.2019, 11:27