A Guide to Screenshots with the UI @Squeezed Orange: Unfortunately, on my computer, that method merely produces a black screen. It may be a driver issue or a result of running the game on an older-model computer, whereas the command is guaranteed to produce the desired image. Also, as Scott noted, that method tends to removes the UI which negates the point of taking anything other than glamour shots. ...it is also worth considering that, while now an industry standard addition, several keyboards (custom built and those that opt for function keys instead) do not come equipped with a "Windows" ("Command" on Mac) key. @jbdragonlance: That is an option, as are a wealth of other (free) alternatives, such as ShareX, Greenshot, ScreenCaptor... etc. Even Steam, via the overlay if launching Neverwinter from such, can capture decent screenshots. I specifically mentioned, however, that this method is intended for those who would prefer to avoid installing third-party programs and capture directly from the game.