5 Wins for first challenge I just went all out. I took a screenshot of the Home page with weekly rewards highlighted to show 5 wins, took another screenshot of the profile page, pasted both of them side by side in paint to show that both had the exact same coin total, then wrote a couple long notes in them complaining about how they didn't think this through since it's impossible to get the wins and nickname in the same shot, then very carefully explained to them what I was showing in the pasted together shots. Finally, I named my file "MtG 5 wins_IMPOSSIBLE TO SHOW NICKNAME AND WIN WITHOUT 2 SCREENSHOTS_" If that doesn't make this clear, I don't know what will, and this game is hard enough with all the experienced players with lots of opened packs and epic cards that a beginner can only get by spending money, or through a very long and painful grind. If this is the mess we can expect for the rest of the quests for MtG Arena, then it's not worth trying for the rewards.