PSA for quest 1 Thanks for posting this. I was about to post an omnibus guide on getting all the quests now that I got the completion reward for the last quest, but now that you posted this, I'll just add on to this. The 2nd quest calls for gathering 1500 gold, and the final quest is for 4000 gold. Exact amounts are not required. Just have at least the amount needed in the quest, take a screenshot of your profile page, as it will have both your gold total on the top of the page, as well as your character nickname and send it in. I delivered a screenshot with 1550 gold and succeeded on the 1500 gold quest, and I delivered one where I had 4800 gold, and got the completion for the 4000 gold quest. Best of luck to all wizards, this should be easy. Keep in mind, you do not have to win matches anymore. Simply complete the reward requirements that display each day on the bottom of the Home Screen, the rewards that have you do something like "Cast (x number) of blue or white spells" or "Kill (y number) of red foes" and save up the gold rewards from those. Naturally, the easiest are those stackable tasks, like having a quest where you "Cast (x number) of red or black spells" and another quest where you "Cast (y number) of red spells." Simply pull out your red fire deck and you'll get credit for both tasks at the same time since both tasks include red spells. It's possible to get over 2000 gold a day, so in 2 days, you're set. Just don't buy any card packs.