Animas Online: 25,000 Dark Matter free!

26.06.2014, 11:30

Do you want to get free €3 coupon? Download the 'Animas Online' app to your smartphone and you will get the coupon after completing Chapter 1. You have to do it before 10th July and you can us the voucher in all Gameforge browser games and MMOs (without TERA) till 15th August.

Update 5.7.8

23.06.2014, 15:53

Hi, Tomorrow, on 24th June, you should expect a short logout connected with an update to version 5.7.8 containing background optimization.

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14.05.2014, 15:39

Hi, do you want to be informed about new games and currencies on our website? Would you like to get free codes which will grant extra points? Follow us on Twitter!

Universe Yakini opening on 17th April

16.04.2014, 09:38

Hello, We are glad to inform you that tomorrow, 17th April, the Universe Yakini will open. You will be able to get x2 economy speed, x1 fleet speed and DiDF. What is more, after the validation, every account will be granted with extra 8.000 DM for free!