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Gamekit is hiring moderators!

25.07.2018, 19:00

   Hello Gamekitters!Do you want to join our team and help us improve the site? This is your chance, because we're looking for new moderators! It doesn't matter where you come from, because Gamekit is currently looking for people from all the world!   We offer the opportunity to earn... (read more)

Terms of acceptance for screenshots

04.03.2018, 16:00

Screen - A screenshot of the game added to the task needed to complete the task. In order for the screen to be accepted, the following conditions must be met: The completed task objective must be visible on the screen. The account name / character must be visible. The visible nickname must be ident... (read more)

Gamekit are hiring moderators!

07.02.2018, 15:15

   Join the Gamekit Team and create this website with us!   Currently, we are looking for moderators from Canada, USA and UK.   We offer the opportunity to earn a lot of points, flexible working hours, possibility to earn experience by working in a great team and of course to cr... (read more)

Gamekit are hiring moderators!

10.11.2017, 04:14

   Join the Gamekit Team and create this website with us!   Currently, we are looking for English and Russian moderators.   We offer the opportunity to earn a lot of points, flexible working hours, possibility to earn experience by working in a great team and of course to create... (read more)

Spain moderators recruitment

29.10.2017, 15:56

     Join Gamekit Team and create this website with us!   We are looking for Spain moderators!   What's the goal of a Gamekit moderator? He must help all the users on the website (via PM also), moderating the Gamekit's forum.   There are also some points that a Moderat... (read more)

We're hiring an Editor!

04.10.2017, 16:00

   Join Gamekit Team and create this website with us!   Currently we are looking for English and German editors.   We offer the opportunity to earn a lot of points, flexible working hours, possibility to earn experience by working in a great team and to get promoted to become si... (read more)

Championship Ashe

24.09.2017, 22:05

Championship Ashe League of legends the company run by RIOT games recently made an announcement regarding the 2017 World Championship prize pool. Every year or so a new 'Championship' Skin is rel... (read more)

Update 1.71 online

22.09.2017, 21:20

Es ist soweit! Das Update 1.71 geht online und bringt viele neue Spielinhalte!Die Panzerstufe 6 wurde hinzugefügt und viele neue Panzer und Flugzeuge! Wer wird der erste sein, der alle 16 Panzer und 17 Flugzeuge freischaltet? Als wenn das nicht genug wäre, wurden noch zwei neue Karten... (read more)

Get 500 pts with a selfie!

19.07.2016, 11:59

Gamekitters, we are giving you the fantastic opportunity to earn 500 pts, easy and fast! To get them all you have to do is a simple selfie! post a picture on Instagram with the hashtag #gamekit you have to be visible in the picture you have to post your nickname in the comment of the picture a pie... (read more)

IEM Katowice 2016

11.03.2016, 10:26

  One of the most anticipated eSport events of the season, the Intel Extreme Masters, has just ended! It was a fast run, full of emotions, where pro-players from all around the world competed on high-level tournaments of the major competitive gaming titles while thousands of enthusiasts follow... (read more)

Get more points that you can spend

26.02.2016, 11:07

Hello Gamekitters! We would like to inform you that we are looking for moderators for Gamekit! As a moderator, your roles will be to:- Moderate screenshots that are sent in from users- Moderate the game forums, clearing out any unwanted posts- Help users with any questions they may have What wi... (read more)

IEM Katowice 2016

10.02.2016, 12:31

Again, it is our favorite time of the year! No, it's neither Summer nor Christmas, it's even better: the INTEL EXTREME MASTERS FINALS!     The main competition, sponsored by the computing innovation giant Intel is celebrating this year its TENTH edition, and it shows no sig... (read more)

Install plugin and earn PTS!

10.12.2015, 15:57

Hey YOU! Yes - we are talking to YOU! Do you want to be up to date with all the news, sales and offers on our website? Just install our special plugin: After clicking the button just follow the instructions on screen. It's very simple - and thanks to the plugin you will be the best informed Gameki... (read more)

Meet Openbucks!

04.12.2015, 14:45

Meet Openbucks! Now the online cash-based payments are easily available for everyone!Openbucks offers online cash-based payment solutions for mobile and desktop sites by giving  users more options to pay cash online via top retailer prepaid and gift card brands worldwide. It is a great service... (read more)

Zombie Attack! 3 times more points!

23.11.2015, 16:58

Hey there, Gamekitters! The situation is critical. We have activated CODE_03 which is supposed to grant you 3X more PTS for completing the third quest in all games. But...the zombies are rising from the dead to get these PTS! You have to get them first! Play games on Gamekit - complete the third qu... (read more)

Gamekit on Games #8

06.11.2015, 12:31

Best bosses & villains in games The ultimate evil characters – villains – appear in games frequently. Their most powerful forms – bosses – usually force the players to fight epic battles, that are the hallmark of almost all video games. Boss battles often are a real str... (read more)

Recruiting moderators! Apply

06.11.2015, 11:14 is recruiting new moderators to build an even better community, help with the forum and reporting bugs, etc.   If you feel like you are the right person for our moderator, send us an email here:     Remember to tell us ... (read more)

Gamekit on Games #7

03.11.2015, 13:50

Are video games art? Best fan creations Video games came a long way from simple arcade machines to complex works with budgets counted in millions $. They became a part of modern culture, making the way to people’s homes around the world. With broader audience than ever before, new game genre... (read more)

Gamekit on Games #6

30.10.2015, 14:34

Top 11 ludicrous weapons in games Some of the ideas for weapons in video games are obviously over the top. Crazy design, weird animations, silly sounds… just pure madness. Looking at one of the most wacky open-world games, like Saint’s Row series, one could ask a question “What ... (read more)

Gamekit on Games #5

27.10.2015, 12:24

Best LoL & DOTA2 alternatives   The current market for MOBA games is very saturated right now. League of Legends peaked about 7,5 million concurrent players, DOTA 2 has its record of about 1 million (as stated here at Gamespot). It’s very unlikely to succeed with new multiplayer onl... (read more)

Gamekit on Games #4

23.10.2015, 13:31

World of Tanks tips & tricks   Having a hard time playing your favourite panzer MMO? Confused why your stats are not improving? Take into consideration learning from the best guides available for free. You know what's also for free? Playing WoT with Gamekit! Click here to join our tan... (read more)

New Store! New possibilities :)

23.10.2015, 12:53

  Hi, Gamekiters! We have a big surprise for you! We've launched a new Store! It will be a place where you can find full versions of the latest games, as well as premium currency for your favorite titles. PTS are not the only currency in the store - we also gave you the possibility to pay with... (read more)

Gamekit on Games #3

21.10.2015, 13:33

Top 5 Inspiring Twitch Channels Along with the YouTube, Twitch is one of the main players in video revolution that conquered social side of the Internet. With over 100 million unique viewers per month and 1,5 million unique broadcasters per month (in 2014) Twitch provides the evidence that it's qui... (read more)

Gamekit on Games #2

17.10.2015, 13:23

 Cosplay – cool hobby or bad trend? Cosplay. The meaning of this rising in popularity geeky phenomenon is surrounded by controversy and extreme sided opinions. What is it exactly? Should it be praised or discouraged? People love it, people hate it. Some of them live it and breathe it, o... (read more)

Gamekit on Games #1

14.10.2015, 14:11

Hard Way of eSports – why sometimes it's better to suck at gaming I’m almost sure that at least once in your gaming life you have been wondering how would it be to become a professional gamer. Looking at those most famous teams of players with extraordinary skillset (hyper fast, like i... (read more)

Who doesn't like games?

09.10.2015, 15:09

  We love games, You love games, lets play! :) On Gamekit you have a lot of free browser/client games and the possibility to collect points for having fun and playing your favorite games, but that's not all. Make sure you stay up to date with our latest offers, competitions and ... (read more)

PTS BOOST for Crusade Online

28.09.2015, 11:54

Easy PTS for you gamekitters! We decided to boost Crusade Online!  From now on you will receive 200 pts for the first quest 200 pts for the secon quest Moreover, the quests are supereasy! What are you waiting for, get your pts from Crusade Online! GG easy!

League of Legends: Arcade Edition? :)

28.09.2015, 10:00

Frequent in the past, a rarity today - arcades are a sign of bygone stage in game development, but still have dedicated fans around the world. One of the enthusiasts (reddist named AnthonyMJohnson) happens to be also a League of Legends fan... and decided to build custom arcade cabinet for the... (read more)