Can access mission menu on website

Added Craig 18.08.2019, 19:27

I have been playing Neverwinter and have complete a few missions but when I came to the website today and click the button that normally shows the missions and allows you to put the screenshots in, all it does it take me into the webpage for the game and there is no possible way to access the missions tab to submit anything. I am also having this trouble with other games also, like Throne Kingdom, I signed up an account and started playing but when I came back to the site to look at the mission it's as if I never came to the site and went through gamekit at all the missions tab will not open or show any of the mission to even let me begin. It just takes me to the page to download the game over and over and over. Is there a fix for this? Anything I can do to correct this problem? I think my quest may have expired by now and I have no way to even tell or resubmit anything if it hasn't.

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19.08.2019, 05:03

Hello, Craig. This is most likely a visual bug. If these issues persist, please contact support at https://gamekit.com/faq for help.



19.08.2019, 05:04

Thank You

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