Neverwinter- what is it ?

Added Dawid 10.05.2018, 12:26

Hello, you might be wonderin what is D&D Neverwinter.
Well- its a game made of a lot of other games, such as Baldurs Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Icewind dale- the Holy RPG Trinity, one of the best cRPG games in the history.
Well, TES series werent any good back then ( they werent SO GOOD! ) , only when Morrowind came out- there wasnt a better cRPG ( and only Witcher 3 made a similar HYPE as the Morrowind- no, not skyrim, skyrim is 3/6 compared to the Morrowind )

So, back to the Topic-
First you lvl up to 70 and you get a lvl cap.
This is not a skill points cap, if u lvl up again, you will open a LvlupReward and get either some Ref. points, a skill point, rough AD ( i will come back to this later) , some tome of experience or of the companion experience.

Rough AD and the AD-
There is a limit of Rough AD into AD in the game u can make a day. That is 36 000 per a character. Whats important about it ? You make 2 characters, lvl 11 ( main + salvage/random toon ) , do a Random Skirmish + a Random Dungeon on both, which will give you roughly 24 000 of Rough Astral Diamonds.
"That is not enough, a r8 bonding runestone costs me 40k " - okay. But are you ready to get a bonding runestone ? Are you lvl70 with 7.5k TIL at least? No?
Then listen up.
What you really want, for the newbie start, is get lvl64, unlock the Sharandar Campaign.
But why ? Its just a campaign for some missions and boons (google.com > boons neverwinter ! - very important)
A one Master of the Hunt skirmish gives you 60 ( 30 from the chest and 30 from the boss kill) seals of the protector. 300 seals into a lv70 ring can transfer into 4000 Rough AD ( remember, 36 000 limit ?)
Meaning 400/6=5 . 5 x MOH = 15min .There u have it, takes you about 15 min to get 4k AD , then if you have more time, get yourself daily limit on both.
What comes next ? Get 7500 TIL, run some kessells retreat/shores of the tuernn.
There is a free chest with a salvagable 2k item ( 100% loot rate ) + some other stuff.
Now you have skyrocket your AD gain. There are way more other ways, way more advanced, some tricks people dont want to share, some tricks only guildiees would know. Some builds, that are shared via game PM for either AD, free or just because a person is tired of bad builds on certain characters/classes. This game is huge, community is nice, mostly older people, but nice.

Have fun, this is one of the greatest MMORPGs ever made, even though the main DEVs have left, its still blooming.

Only bad thing about it- which made me quit is the CODG instance which is basically making this game into more of an Action game than a cRPG MMO.
Reflex required for the CODG is way higher than Goku on the ultimate insinct, >:(

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