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Added Scoobert Doobert 22.01.2018, 15:11

Hey guys, I recently just posted my screenshot for a second time in a row because every time I send a screenshot the slot automatically crops it. This time I made sure the screenshot had my name in it, but you can't see my actual character. Will this count, and is there any way I can make my screenshots fit the mold 100%? Thanks in advance.

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22.01.2018, 17:21

yes it will still count, it just has to see the username that you entered at the beginning of all the quests, but be sure to send a screenshot of the whole game.


Scoobert Doobert

22.01.2018, 20:37

Hey, since your a moderator, I have a question; when you get my screenshots, do they show up as really tiny images? Because I have gone so far as to complete the quest and even get to level 8, and I have sent 4 screenshots. However, all of them get severely cropped when I paste them into your slot, so do you get normal images or teeny tiny ones?



11.02.2018, 17:08

no answer because scam. if not scam, mod, put up what the pic should like like for d&d



11.03.2018, 02:56

I sent a screenshot of my character profile name and level 1, and got accepted.

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