Resubmit screenshot?

Added ansharyaninsta 10.01.2018, 21:34

I submitted my screenshot yesterday for quest 1 with my in game name and level and it was denied because my full character name wasn't visible(this was my first time playing). While it was being verified, I played more and got to level 5. I just checked now to see it got denied, so can I resubmit another screenshot while I'm level 5 or do I have to abandon the quest altogether?

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10.01.2018, 21:56

If I can't resubmit a level 5 screenshot for quest 1, will making another character with the same name work?



31.01.2018, 15:35

Send a support ticket to the support team I'm sure they would help you out.



18.02.2018, 23:44

the support is shit, it takes more than 60 hours to make you say sorry your picture is not full screen, for after 2 times I'm told her so it's full screen every time with everything in, they 'm me have lost more than 5 days for his and the quest 3 which is level 10 too but still according to them it's not the full screen so it's refuse for the second time this time

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