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Added deadman 20.12.2017, 00:45

So i don't know if it matters or not but i reached level 5 on neverwinter before you guys checked the first screenshot and im well passed it now. Does the character level NEED to be level 5 or can it be higher because for what ever reason one of the game mods declined my screenshot. As of now my character is lvl 19 i think and i still have yet to get the rewards for level 5.

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23.12.2017, 01:58

When your screenshot is declined, it typically tells you what the reason was. If you sent in a screenshot when you hit level 5, and it was a full screen, unmodified screenshot including your character's name (the one you entered into Gamekit upon beginning the quests) visible on screen then there shouldn't be any reason you were declined. If that was the case, resubmit the screenshot.

Otherwise, you do need to be the exact level specified for that particular quest. If it's 5, you need to be level 5 in the screen shot in order for it to be accepted. I usually won't level past the level required for the quest on Gamekit until I've been approved. That way I know I won't ever be too high a level if ever the case comes where I need to retake a screenshot.

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